A little bit about myself 

My name is Aimee Diaz and I am a self taught artist from Gibraltar. My aim is to create studies in different forms, media and colours with plenty of creativity. I am particularly skilled in painting portraits where I love to capture the natural mannerisms of people. I use different types of media such as Charcoal, Graphite Pencils, Water Colours, Coloured Pencils, Acrylic Paints and Oils.  


A gesture to our health care frontline workers 

COVID-19, has struck the world violently! 


Here in Gibraltar we are lucky that our community came together to help protect the elderly and vulnerable, whereby our health care sector played a major part in combatting against the spread of the virus. 

As an A&E clerk, I experienced the effects of the pandemic from the perspective of a frontline worker in the GHA which inspired me to create new studies of my fellow work colleagues.

I was privileged to present this art piece to the then Minister of Health, the Honourable Paul Balban.  

COVID-19 Art

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Purple Background

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Cancer Relief Gibraltar and the winner of the Art raffle, Jenny!

Thank you for a lovely time. I am glad to see that Jenny was so happy to have won this prize. I am very grateful that she loves my work and gets to take one of my art pieces home! 

Raising money for this charity has been such an amazing experience and I hope to do it again soon.

Thank you to all that entered the raffle this year!

Yours truly,
Aimee Diaz Art 

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